“Sean’s holistic approach to treatment and diagnosis - considering the body as an integrated system - is a breath of fresh air in relation to the specialised, blinkered world of modern medicine. He thinks outside of the proverbial box and isn’t afraid to consider the unconventional as it relates to human movement and sporting performance. He therefore offers immense value to our readers with his views, theories and opinions. For these reasons he is a regular contributor to all of our titles and his contributions are highly valued and respected. He is a thought pioneer in an industry that is constantly challenging conventional wisdom and various commonly held out-dated and even patently false beliefs.” Pedro van Gaalen, Editor of Fitness His Edition and Managing Editor at Maverick Publishing Corporation.  


Pedro van Gaalen
Editor - Fitness His Edition
Managing Editor - Fitness



Due to my love of training and playing competitive rugby I've suffered all sorts of injuries. I've tried many different forms of treatment but nothing has been so complete as Seans methods. I've been seeing Sean almost every week for for over a year now and have had amazing results and learnt so much about how my body functions and how to look after it. Thanks to Seans treatments I've been able to keep training and playing the sports I love pain free! 


Andrew Collison

Owner at Health Direct

Personal Trainer - Body Conscious Private Gym

I always look forward to my sessions with Sean as I train really hard in preparation for competitions.

I always feel balanced and centered after my sessions and can definitely feel how my training has improved as a result of Sean ensuring I'm aligned and my tension areas have been released. This plays an important role in my overall symmetry.


Marcelle Collison

IFFBB Body Fitness Athlete

Personal Trainer - Body Conscious Private Gym


Sean's treatments form an invaluable function in my training and ultimately my performance on competition day.I know when I have finished with a treatment, the cause of my pain has been treated and not just the symptoms. And this is not just on a physical level but and emotional one too.

Debbie Mc Alpine - Personal Trainer and Owner at The Power Republic


GPC Powerlifting South African record holder in submaster age division,  56kg's, 60kg's and 67.5kg's weight divisions.
GPC Powerlifting World Record holder in the submaster age division, 56kg weight division



"After years of battling serious recurring running-related injuries Sean was able to identify the problem - one that went undiagnosed by numerous other ‘specialists’ - in a single session. After a few treatments I was running injury free and faster than ever. I now see him regularly and continue to experience my most enjoyable and successful period of running in my life.” Pedro - Wannabe speed demon, Two Oceans and Comrades finisher, trail runner. 

Pedro van GaalenEditor - Fitness His EditionManaging Editor - Fitness

As a health professional and athlete with recurring joint and lower back issues;  I turned to Sean at The Centre for Structural Medicine for some comprehensive treatment after being told I needed complete rest from any form of sport. Within one session I felt my entire body was released from tension; and with each consecutive treatment I felt increasingly better. My mental state and general stress levels also improved.I found Sean to be very professional and extraordinarily knowledgeable on his treatment and on a broad range of topics that were of relevance during our sessions. I would recommend his treatments to anyone and everyone as it was clearly beneficial on all levels of the physical and emotional planes.


Liz MarslandRegional Crossfit Competitor

Competitive Lifter

Sports Specific strength and conditioning trainer

I went to see Sean after having seen many doctors and therapists, and was desperate for someone to help me with my injured neck. As Sean had been a professional athlete himself and had an understanding of what your body goes through, I decided to give Bowen Therapy a try. After my first session I distinctly recall thinking this was nonsense but Sean said to trust him and to come back the following week. After two sessions I was back to training at full force. Sean is honestly a magician at what he does, treating not only the body but also the mind, as they are often interlinked.


Andre De Bonis

2012/2013 Crossfit Games Competitor

Viadana and Heineken Cup Rugby Player

Sean's treatments helped us conceive naturally after trying for more than one year. With regular treatment sessions throughout my pregnancy, I had a pain free pregnancy. He also assisted in helping turn my breech baby at 37 weeks. I know his treatments were one of the things that made my natural birth without drugs so manageable and special. 


Claire Lane Smith

Owner and Teacher at The Yoga Republic

'I was very passionate about trying to give birth naturally, drug free. As a yoga teacher I was conscious of my body and the fact that having rheumatoid arthritis in my hip as a child had left me a out of alignment in that area.  I started working with Sean weekly from 8 weeks pregnant. It was the perfect treatment for me. Professional, gentle and most importantly effective. As someone that has always suffered from mild lower back pain, I experienced a pain free pregnancy, in fact I felt better during my pregnancy then before! Each week Sean would tune in with exactly where I was and I felt the effects almost immediately. Sean treated me right up to 42 weeks and on July 12 2014 my little boy was born in the most beautiful natural gentle birth, my body was perfectly aligned to open and deliver my baby, and I know a great deal of that credit goes to Sean and his work. Once the baby was born Sean also treated all three of us, me, my husband and baby as labour had left us all in a little need of a treatment. Thank you Sean, I highly recommend you to everyone, and especially to pregnant women." Dom

Dimonique Oliver

Owner at Oven Buns Pregnancy Yoga


I’ve spent my entire life riddled with sport-induced aches, pains, niggles and injuries and whilst I’m aware of post training recovery in the form of sport massage and other types of therapy, I was always somewhat of a sceptic when considering a more holistic approach.  That was until I attended my first session with Sean and felt a difference from the very first appointment. 

Being an avid Cross fitter my body takes a hammering on a weekly basis and I try my utmost to see Sean once a week to give my body a “reset”.  This weekly “reset” has significantly improved my overall level of Crossfit performance and more importantly ensures I remain virtually injury free. 

The fact that Sean himself is an experienced Sportsman, often makes it easier for him to pin-point the source of my injuries and I feel that he can relate to the frustrations surrounding my injuries.


Ryan Lea

2014 Regional Crossfit Competitor

Level 1 Crossfit Coach


I find Sean to be incredibly gentle and emotionally connected to the world and his patients (if you’ll allow him in) and from my first session a few years ago have been amazed at how his approach has such noticeable physical results, which kept me coming back for all complaints ranging from back ache to digestive issues. When falling pregnant and deciding to give birth naturally, I was forced to come to terms with my body misalignment and emotional issues that were displaying as physical ailments. Through Sean’s gentle and holistic approach I was able to overcome both. Once my son, Tate, arrived in this world, through the medication-free, natural birth I had hoped for (largely thanks to Sean’s work) but never thought possible, he himself needed a few adjustments after a long labour. Tate was noticeably taken with Sean’s calm and understanding demeanour and the positive results of his work were seen instantly. No matter what the physical complaint, whether it be an issue with my son or myself, Sean is often my first point of call, for a physical intervention and emotional insight. 

Dominique Kuhlman

Mom to Tate