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Our event horizon

For awhile now I’ve avoided commenting on the Coronavirus. I’ve found some of the

memes funny and have been shocked at peoples panic buying response and herd mentality, like most people. It seems now we’ve reached an event horizon where our economy, society and our humanness has been sucked into, and will be affected by, the storm of Covid-19.

My clinic is not immune to what’s going on, especially since my work relies so heavily on touch. So a couple of things I’ve done to help you get the benefit of treatment without you stressing about being exposed to the coronavirus

The clinic will run on skeleton staff (and by that I mean just me in clinic, no assistant or workers)

I’ve managed to get bulk hospital grade disinfectant (to be fair I use this in clinic all the time because I like how it feels on my hands and smells)

I have latex gloves for the jaw alignment work I do as usual.

I have lemon scented hand wash 😁

My clinic will run its normal hours and days during this time of social distancing and self isolation because people and clients need support. I encourage you to support all small businesses and service industries because these form the backbone of our community.

This worldwide pandemic has disrupted our lives for now (but as South Africans we are resilient and pretty much used to having our life’s disrupted with loadhsedding, land expropriation without compensation, junk status and corruption🇿🇦😁).

Things will go back to normal but we have a few tough weeks/months ahead. It’s a serious time but life can still be lived and enjoyed.

Chat soon

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